Wine tours provide people with a chance to learn more about wine and connect with the passionate people who make it.  While most people focus on tasting wines, asking wineries' staff questions can be equally fun.  Here are some questions to ask on your next tour, whether you're traveling with Epic Taxi & Limousine or some other tour company: 

Would you explain the label to me?

This elementary question is simple enough for the most novice wine taster to ask, but it also can serve as a springboard for more advanced questions.  The label will identify the vineyard, varietal and indicate how sweet the wine is.  Any of these details can be investigated with more in-depth questioning.  Equally interesting, the staff at wineries will also be able to explain the inspiration for the label's design and the winery's logo.

How long have you worked for this winery?

This more personal question will open up new avenues of conversation that extend beyond the bottle of wine.  People that conduct wine tastings for wineries are generally there because they love the industry, and this can be an initial question to learn about their experience in the industry.  Many would love to share what initially drew them to working at a winery and give their account of what it is like.

Where would you go on a wine tour?

What better recommendation is there for a wine tasting than the opinion of someone who regularly conducts them?  This question may reveal a local gem that tour companies and reviews often overlook. For a more intimate setting off the beaten path, ask the people conducting tastings where they go.

Is this wine available in my hometown?

Someone at a winery should be familiar with the winery's distribution and be able to tell you whether it is available at a store in your hometown.  If it is, then there is less need to purchase it at the winery and ship it home.  If it is not available outside of the winery's surrounding region, though, you may want to buy several bottles.

Do not be afraid to ask questions on a wine tour.  After all, wineries have staff working specifically to answer questions.  The best questions to ask, however, are not canned inquiries about factoids.  Ask what actually interests you.  If it is the varietal that you want to know more about, then ask about the grapes.  If you are more interested in the label on the outside of the bottle than the wine inside it, ask someone about the logo's design.  As long as you ask questions that you are genuinely interested in, a wine tour will be a joyous occasion.