Stepping out of a sweet party bus might seem like reason enough to rent one, but they have other benefits that make them a great investment. Here are three additional arguments for booking a party bus, with Vegas Limousine or a similar company, for your next event.

#1: Arrive Together At The Same Time

Everyone has that friend that has a tough time leaving the house on time. Renting a party bus can mean the option of picking up friends from their homes, making it harder for them to fall behind. By leaving together at the same time, you can arrive in a group on time for the event that you are attending.

This can really improve the chances of throwing a successful surprise birthday party, catching a show on time, or keeping the party host a happy camper. 

#2: Enjoy A Fun, Customized Trip

While most people know that party buses have lights and music, some have cool features that can accommodate just about any group of people. Here are just a few.

  • For the gamer crowd, party buses are available with built-in gaming systems, wide screen televisions, and custom sound systems.
  • If you are trying to start the bachelor party early, consider renting a party bus complete with stripper poles for a little extra fun.
  • Wood flooring in some buses makes for an excellent dance floor, in case you want to continue the rave on the way home. Some buses even include DJ booths and disco balls to complete the dance-club theme.
  • For nostalgic folks, old-fashioned British double-decker buses are available to make the night out a special experience.

When booking your party bus, consider the crowd. Rental places have customizable options that will allow your friends to have a blast while on the road.

#3: It's Cheaper Than A DUI

Worried about your designated driver sneaking a sip? With a party bus, there is no need to fret. Because someone else is driving, you don't need to worry about doing anything but having a good time.

Driving while intoxicated is a huge problem in the United States. In the year 2011, 1.2 million drivers were arrested for DUI infractions. In addition to posing a huge health threat to other motorists and yourself, driving under the influence of alcohol can be expensive. The average cost of the fees associated with a DUI average about $10,000, even if nobody is hurt.

Party buses cost an average of $90-$130 per hour, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what you might spend on the fines and fees associated with driving drunk.

Party buses enable patrons to have an awesome time right from the moment they step out of their homes, and work to keep everyone safe.