Taking a tour in Ethiopia is a great way to embrace the culture of the African country. The historic country is full of:

  • impressive wildlife like birds, wolves, and monkeys;
  • landscapes that include highlands, valleys, rivers, and forests;
  • cities and villages full of unique cuisines and lifestyles.

The most efficient way to tour Ethiopia is with a professional touring company. These companies offer group or private tours, depending on your preference and number of travelers with you. Unless you are staying in Ethiopia for several weeks, you need to specify the kind of tour you wish to take. Some popular options for tours include bird watching tours, city tours, safaris, and cultural tours. They all visit different sights and provide the transportation so that you can relax and take in the views.

Bird Watching

The bird watching tours are popular for tourists, as Ethiopia is home to many bird species there that can't be found in such abundance anywhere else in the world. Like the safaris, the bird watching tours visit national parks and reserves where poaching is prohibited, such as the Bale Mountains National Park. The birds in these locations are in natural habitats that allow tourists to take pictures, videos, and even feed them in some cases. Birds that are native to Ethiopia include various species of:

  • eagles
  • falcons
  • herons
  • ibis
  • and colorful parrots

Cultural Tours

Visiting a country like Ethiopia without taking in the national culture would be like not visiting Ethiopia at all. The country has rich heritage that stems from many other African countries; cultural minorities and native tribes still practice ancient rituals and customs in certain parts of Ethiopia. Tourists who choose this tour package get to visit relatively untouched parts of the country and witness firsthand many of the celebrations, markets, dances, and music that the rest of the world has forgotten. A cultural tour is ideal for someone who wants to see the people who have called Ethiopia home for generations.

Scheduling an Ethiopian Tour

It is in your best interest to sign up for an Ethiopian tour long before the actual tour date. There are some tours you can sign up for the day before the tour begins, but there is no guarantee of an empty spot in the tour group for you. By signing up well in advance, you receive a tentative itinerary for the entire tour and can map out your trip.

In addition to signing up early for an Ethiopian tour, you will need to:

  • provide your own airfare to Ethiopia
  • get from the airport to the meeting point to start the tour. The touring company sends this information along with the itinerary.

Don't forget your camera, as Ethiopia tours include things you'll never want to forget.