Taking a trip to France can be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, especially if you go to the Provence region in the southeastern part of the country. But where is the best place to stay? If you want to experience life like a native of the region, the choice of a vacation rental property is your best bet. 

You can visit Provence as part of a Mediterranean cruise or a skiing trip to the Alps. You might want to spend time on the beaches of Nice or Saint Tropez, or you can take a wine tour in Marseilles. Of course, Cannes is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. Vacation rentals abound in each of these locations.

Your Options

Villas provide a luxurious lodging experience that is difficult to match. In addition to being a first-class accommodation, you often have access to an on-site serving staff. A villa might seem out of your financial reach, but according to the travel experts at Fodor's, many villas are offered at very affordable prices. Provencal villas include palatial estates near the sea, farmhouses in the countryside, cottages in quaint villages, and restored homes with mountain views. 

You can also rent a chalet, which is typically a wooden house crafted in the local style. Chalets are usually found at mountain destinations in the Provence region. A chalet with as few as three intimate rooms or as many as seven bedrooms is an excellent possibility, especially if you plan to spend your vacation on the slopes. 

Condominiums usually take the form of apartments or townhouses. They are a great choice if you prefer modern floor plans and close proximity to the beach or city nightlife.

Traditional vacation homes owned by local residents are yet another option. Some of the locals live in the region during part of the year and make their homes available to vacationers when they are away. 

The Amenities

The amenities in most vacation rental properties don't feel anything like what you find in hotels or resorts. When you stay in the home or villa of local citizens, you will sleep in their beds and enjoy the stunning views from their windows. You will swim in their pools and walk through the villages they call home. Terraces, stunning gardens, and close proximity to castles and world-class wineries are just a few of the other memorable features of local properties. 

You can shop at nearby markets and then prepare your food in a rustic farmhouse kitchen or a kitchen that lives up to the highest culinary standards. You will additionally have the option of enjoying your meals at the same restaurants and cafes where the locals eat. Many vacation rentals are situated close to bakeries where you can enjoy the local flavors of delicate croissants, rustic baguettes, and delectable pastries.

The Practical Details

Most vacation rentals in Provence are offered for one-week increments, although many owners make their properties available on a monthly basis. Many French homeowners list their own homes via the Internet. International rental networks offer all types of French properties through their websites. Discount trip-planning websites also provide links to rental networks and agents who represent Provencal property owners.

One thing is certain. Once you experience life like a local of Provence, the thought of a traditional hotel or resort will seem passé. The first step is to decide what type of Provencal rental you want and then make the necessary contacts to get started on the vacation of your dreams.

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