If you're trying to arrange your next business trip, chartered transportation may be the answer. Many companies find chartered ground transportation services preferable to the other options, such as car rentals, public transportation and taxi services. Here are the five major benefits of prearranged transportation services.

1. Chartering ground transportation in advance is often less expensive than renting a car.

If your employees simply need to go from one location to another, such as to and from the airport, chartering a ground transportation service in advance is usually far less expensive than renting a car. Of course, if your employees need to travel to multiple locations, renting a car might be less expensive. Remember to factor in the insurance and gasoline costs associated with renting a car when you run the numbers regarding both scenarios.

2. Other options for transportation are often unreliable or unpredictable.

Public transportation services and even taxi services may not  be available exactly when your employees need them. Your employees may find themselves waiting for transportation when they could already be at their destination getting work done. Of course, the trade off is that public transportation is much less expensive.

3. Chartered transportation services are safer.

There are many areas across the globe that may be dangerous for your employees if they rely on public transportation or random transportation vendors. In certain countries, fake taxi services can pick people up only to take them to a remote location and rob them. With a chartered ground transportation service, you can ensure that your employees are dealing only with drivers that have been rigorously background checked and cleared for service. 

4. Chartered services make it easier for your employees to impress clients.

If your employees are traveling with clients, a chartered service is often the way to go to get the business deal started off right. Requesting a luxury car or a limousine service is an excellent way to show your clients and investors that you care about the impression that you give them.

5. Chartered services reduce employee stress.

It has been proven that business travel can be stressful for an employee. They are in an unfamiliar area away from their family and are expected to complete a lot of work in a short amount of time. You can reduce your employees' stress and boost their productivity by ensuring that they don't have to worry about driving around an unfamiliar city.

Of course, chartered ground transportation isn't always the best solution. If your employee does know the area well, a car rental may work out better. Likewise, if cost is your primary concern, public transportation may be the best solution. Run the numbers on multiple types of ground transportation before making your final decision. If you are interested in finding out additional information on this topic, a company, like http://questlimos.ca, is a great resource.