The Seattle area has been experiencing a housing boom in the last few years. Ranked number five in cities that are growing faster than the rest of the country, Seattle offers travelers and residents many things to do as far as work and play. Being able to get around this crowed city can be difficult if you are not experienced or familiar with the streets. Your local taxi service, such as Farwest Taxi, has drivers who are very accustomed to all the traffic patterns and easy ways to get around town. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a local taxi driver get you where you have to go. The Busy Work Day Getting around this city can be difficult even if you have been here your whole life. Parking can be a challenge if you do not already have a parking garage or facility where your work designates for employees. Your afternoon breaks might also be a challenge if you wanted to step out for a hour and grab something to eat across town. Your local cab company can get you to and from work, and basically anywhere around the city you want for lunch. The best part is you are literally picked up and dropped off right at the door to your business. No more looking for parking and wasting time you could be enjoying your break. Seeing the Town Whether you have been a resident for years or new to Seattle, there is so much to do and see here that it could take years just to do everything. Your local taxi service Seattle driver has been to all the popular spots and has inside information as to where you should and shouldn't visit. They hear on a nightly basis how the food is at certain restaurants, how a play was, and which places were memorable and which were forgettable. Your driver can give you the scenic tour and when the night is through get you right back safely to your home. Family Visits When your family and friends visit the Seattle area, pick them up at the airport using the taxi service. They know that airport like the back of their hands, and can zip in and out and get your guests to your home quickly and safely. That way you don't have to park at the garage, walk to the gate, walk back to the car, and then pay a fee for parking. Your local taxi service is available to make traveling Seattle a breeze for you and your family. Share