Corporate events such as holiday dinners, award ceremonies, or conference event dining used to be basic, unexciting affairs. The good news is, these days banquets for business do not need to follow the traditional buffet style meat and potatoes basic fare employees have come to expect over the years. Banquet catering and event services have revamped menus and have come up with dining themes to bring fun and creativity into banquet dinners. Picking a creative theme and menu for corporate events is easier than ever, and doesn't need to go over budget.

Spanish Tapas

Bring the taste of Spain to guests with Spanish tapas, which can be passed out as small plates so tables can all try a bit of everything and not be limited to one dish. A base plate of paella (a traditional large shared spiced rice and meat dish) rounding out the meal will satisfy those types that need that base of substantial fare. Starting with a sangria option at the cocktail hour will make this fun colorful theme come to life.

Thai Theme

In the same vein of smaller shared plates, a Thai-themed event can run the gamut of exotic new foods for those who would like to try new dishes with fish and duck, to the basics such as pad Thai and spring rolls. This is a great theme if the event will have a cocktail hour with drinks and appetizers as well as a sit down portion of the event. Thai coffee and Thai iced tea can be featured as well for guests to try something new that might not be familiar.

Go Western

A western themed corporate event can feature either BBQ or southern food. This is a great idea for a event that may be more budget-conscious, but on the same coin, would be a current fun theme that could liven up the end of a long conference day. Western decor with a relaxed atmosphere will get staff to unwind and have a little fun, using mason jars for glasses. This theme could use the buffet style route and tout the home cooking theme.

Bringing a theme to banquet catering will give the event a focus and let guests enjoy themselves. Everyone wants to be a 'foodie' these days and the trends are all around us. New food-themed television shows and restaurants have brought out the adventurous side in banquet dining as well. It is easier than ever to bring these trending choices to corporate event arena and have fun with it. Many places, like Island Beach Resort, have services for catering. You can ask for more information and ideas.