Booking a hotel conference room for a special occasion or business event may seem straightforward; however, small details can be overlooked. The needs of your guests may be ignored, making it seem like all the details are not worked out. This can make your special event seem less organized and stressful. Here are some tips that will help ensure that all your needs are considered.

Hotel Location

Make sure the location of the hotel is in an area that is easy for your guests to find. Hotels that are near major landmarks or well known streets will be the most convenient for guests who are not familiar with the area. Some of your guests may be flying in from out of town. In this instance, a hotel location close to an airport may be ideal.

People that are not from the area normally like to take a couple of days to explore. Choosing a hotel near major attractions would be make it easier for guests to get out and sightsee without the need to get a rental car.

Number of Hotel Rooms Available

When you're booking your hotel conference room, check to see how many hotel rooms the hotel has available. This is in case your guests want to book a night's stay after your event. Even local guests can benefit from staying overnight at the hotel if the event runs too long, or they just want to have dinner, a drink, and stay the night.

Other Events Taking Place

Check with the hotel to see if they have other events booked for the same night as your event. Another event may have the hotel rooms booked and the other amenities may be too crowded for your guests.

It may not be a deal breaker if there is another event booked at the same time, but be sure to check what kind of event is being held. For instance, a business event may not go well with an event specifically for kids or a birthday celebration. The parking, front desk, hotel rooms, and restaurants may not be convenient for your guests.

Food Preferences

Know the food preferences of your guests. Be sure to communicate that to the hotel staff if you'll be serving food. Even if you won't be serving food, try to reserve a conference room with a hotel that caters to your guests' special food needs.


Remember to keep your guests in mind prior to booking a hotel conference room. Make a check list of all the things you'd like included and double check it with what the hotel offers. Keep in mind any special requests or needs of your guests before choosing.