Aligning your wanderlust and your finances can be quite an ordeal. Between transportation, lodging and food, your travel budget can be thin. Luckily, there are ways you can minimize costs as you travel. Saving money on lodging can put a chunk of your budget back in play. Here are some ideas to minimize your hotel money.

Hotel Rates Websites

This is the most obvious way to cut costs. When you enter a hotel rates website you can specify exactly where in the city you want to stay, how much you want to spend and what kind of room you want to enjoy. Benefits include:

  • One-stop-shopping- You can view rooms from all over the city on on page. With pictures, locations and amenities, you know what you're getting.
  • Lower Rates- These websites have contracts with hotels to advertise the lowest rates they can offer. In fact, if a hotel is not full on the night you are staying, these websites can offer you rooms at significant discounts.
  • Traveler Reviews- You know what you are getting because you can read reviews from previous customers. Reviews include things like location, cleanliness and service ratings.


Some people may think of Europe when they think of staying in hostels. In fact, hostels are all over the United States. They offer dorm-style living at significantly lower prices. Hostels charge per person instead of per room. They generally have shared rooms and shared bathrooms. In some cases there are restaurants and bars attached, just like other hotels. Keep in mind that hostels cater to singles and my not be perfect if you are looking for a family friendly hotel.

Monastery/Convent Boarding Houses

Did you know that some monasteries and convents rent out rooms to guests? With shrinking numbers of priests and nuns, old buildings have extra rooms. While this type of accommodation is more popular in parts of Europe, there are several places throughout the United States that rent rooms at discounted prices. Some of these cater to those of the Catholic faith who want a retreat, while others are open to those of all faiths. These boarding houses offer basic rooms without many frills, but have the necessities for a safe, comfortable sleep. Even better, in some, guests can enjoy meals with monks, priests or nuns as well as spiritual direction if wanted.

With a little creativity and flexibility you can accommodate your wanderlust. Even with a tight budget there are great options to help you meet your dreams. For more ideas, visit some specific hotel websites such as