The transportation and moving of oversized equipment is no easy task and requires specialized equipment, individuals, and technicians to ensure that the equipment makes it from its start point to final destination intact. It is not simply a case of loading up a box and throwing it into the back of a truck, particularly when items that are being transported are fragile, potentially dangerous, or susceptible to small environmental changes. 

Heavy Equipment Transportation Services

Equipment transportation services have been around since we first began moving around.  Truck transportation services of heavy equipment are akin to the blood flowing through an industry, traversing the highways that serve as the veins and arteries of every business. Whether it would be for the purposes of waste management or the transportation of rigs, almost every company needs truck transportation services to run a successful establishment. However, heavy equipment transportation companies offer far more than just moving a hefty object from point A to point B.

Safely Transport your Oversized Equipment

These days, we are transporting more and more across countries and even continents. From transport across roads, such as through trucks, to transport across seas or even in the air, transporting oversized equipment is a demanding task. It is important to ensure that any transport company you may select is experienced in the material you are transporting. An experienced company, for instance, would have a team of technicians who are well versed in the transport of hazardous materials, and ship around the world. The various methods of equipment transportation methods available make selecting the ideal transportation company easy.

Storage & Assembly

Most equipment transportation services, whether they specialize in construction transportation or not, offer short or long term storage plans as well as assembly services for a wide range of construction equipment. Some of the services offered by most heavy equipment transportation services with regards to storage and assembly include:

  • Machine assembly
  • Vehicle Modification
  • On-site paint booths
  • Rail car loading and bar coding
  • Expert packaging and more

Consider the Cargo

Consideration of the cargo being transported is paramount to any oversized equipment transport. If you are transporting, for example, a colony of bees from one side of the continental United States to the other side, a company that specializes in construction transportation would not be the right choice. Use your intimate knowledge of your cargo to its advantage, and match your requirements with the services offered by an oversized equipment transport company, like Frasier Transport Inc.