If you are traveling and have a child that has Rett syndrome, your child is likely in a wheelchair and not able to walk independently. Because of this, you need to plan your travel arrangements ahead of time to ensure things go smoothly. Below are some tips that you should find helpful.

Traveling with a Wheelchair

You will be able to use the wheelchair as far as the boarding point of the plane. Your child will then be transferred to a special chair on the plane. The airline will store the wheelchair conveniently so you can have immediate access to it, if needed. In most cases, the airline will want to pre-board you, so you will need to arrive early at the airport.  The airline you are using can give you all of this information.

Choosing the Airline

All airlines are bound by the Air Carrier Access Act as long as you are flying in the United States. You should still be choosy when selecting the airline as some will do much better than others will when it comes to accommodating your child. For example, some airlines will have flight attendants that will help you when you need to take your child to the bathroom. Some airlines have movable armrests on the seats, and have room for your child to stay in their wheelchair while on the plane.

Contact the different airlines to find out what they can offer to you so you can choose the right one.

Using an Airport Taxi

An airport taxi, such as Broadway Cab, can be very convenient for you, and can pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel or other destination. They can store your child's wheelchair in the trunk and help you get them in the backseat. Because you have a wheelchair, you may be able to choose a van instead of a car.

You will not have to worry about getting a rental car, and you will not have to worry about getting lost when trying to find your hotel. The airport taxi can pick you up at your hotel and bring you back to the airport any time day or night.

Contact the taxi company before you leave and ask if they can have a taxi waiting for you when you get off the plane so you will not have to wait for one.

Following these tips will allow you to concentrate on your vacation and having a good time.